High Country West is one of Rancho Bernardo’s most popular residential neighborhoods.  It consists of 681 detached and twin homes, many with spectacular views of the surrounding communities.  Located near high-tech employment centers, it is bounded by I-15, Bernardo Center Drive, and Camino Del Norte.  With new road connections to the west, it has become a part of Rancho Bernardo's gateway to the coast.  High Country West is home to the award winning Turtleback Elementary School and the spectacular High Country West Community Center, one of the best kept secrets in Rancho Bernardo.

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High Country West
This is the view looking south across High Country West.  I-15 runs south along the left side to Camino Del Norte and beyond.  Turtleback Lane curves around the bottom of the photo (in the shape of a turtle’s back).  The square object in the center of the photo is the Rancho Bernardo water reservoir.  It receives water from Miramar Lake and supplies Rancho Bernardo. (photo taken August 2004)

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High Country West
This view looks to the southwest across High Country West.  I-15 is in the lower left hand corner.  Bernardo Center Drive runs across the upper right hand corner to Camino Del Norte.  A corner of the Rancho Bernardo Business Park can be seen in the upper right.  In another year, the new extension of Bernardo Center Drive will become Carmel Valley Road near Black Mountain. Camino Bernardo and Rancho Penasquitos can be seen in the background. (photo taken August 2004)

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High Country West
This is High Country West from Bernardo Center Drive at Camino del Norte. The RB Business Park is lower left. HCW Plaza and "Turtleback Bridge" are lower center. Turtleback School is right of center, just below the HCW Club. "The Falls" at Camino Bernardo is at the lower right. NB I-15 runs right to left, with Mount Woodson in the background. The roads at the bottom will soon extend beyond 4S Ranch into Carmel Valley. (photo taken August 2004)

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High Country West - Turtleback
We're looking southeast across High Country West, with SB I-15 top left. Turtleback Ln curves around the lower left, with Turtleback Ct the cul-de-sac at the bottom.  They form the picture of a turtle's back and head. Cloudcrest Dr, Turtleback Rd, and Big Springs Way can also be seen. The square at the upper center is the Rancho Bernardo Water Reservoir, next to the HCW soccer field. HCW includes 681 homes, HCW Club,  and Turtleback Elementary School. (photo taken August 2004)

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Camino Del Norte - West from I-15
This is the view of Camino Del Norte running west from I-15 towards 4S Ranch.
I-15 can be seen at the bottom. Camino Bernardo, The Villas apartments, and The Falls can all be seen to the left of Camino Del Norte. High Country West is to the right of Camino Del Norte, and Turtleback School is in the picture. 4S Ranch is in the background on the left. The RB Business Park is in the background on the right. (photo taken August 2004)

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High Country West & Hewlett Packard
Looking from east to west across Bernardo Center Drive, High Country West is the lower half of the photo.  The RB Business Park occupies the top half of the photo.  Hewlett Packard is to the right of West Bernardo Drive, and Cloudcrest Dr enters HCW below HP. High Country West, with 681 homes, a community center, and Turtleback School, is one of RB's popular neighborhood communities. 4S Ranch is in the far background. Hewlett Packard, SONY, BAE, and SAIC are among the major employers in Rancho Bernardo. (photo taken August 2004)

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High Country West Newsletter for February 2007 (click on each page to view links)

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On January 27, 2007, a Special Tile Painting Event was held at High Country West to involve the community in "Moving History Forward". Residents who participated will leave a lasting legacy with a Permanent Commemorative Tile at the new Rancho Bernardo History Museum. Click here to see photos of the event.

More information about this community is available at High Country West

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